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A local pancake house does it right—Butterfield's featured on ABC15

Fox 10 celebrates National Pancake Day with Butterfield's

September , 2008

Our chef Brianna stops by Fox 10 to offer Andrea Robinson some tips on making pancakes.

New Times: Best of Phoenix Winner

"The best place to get breakfast all day long." Watch the Fox 10 News coverage.

"One of the hottest breakfast joints in town"

Andi Barness of ABC-Phoenix's Sonoran Living visited our Scottsdale restaurant to rave about breakfast at Butterfields.

Waste Not "18th Annual Celebrity Chef Challenge"

Butterfield's is proud to participate in the Waste Not "18th Annual Celebrity Chef Challenge" with our wonderful and talented celebrity chef and reporter, Andi Barness, of ABC's Channel 15 News.

Waste Not's Goal is to eliminate hunger and transports over 5,000 pounds of food to hungry families in the valley daily. Throughout the month of April Butterfield's will donate one half of all proceeds from the sale of our featured dish—Strawberry Flapjack Pancakes—To Waste Not. So, please help us be the winning team and support this noble cause by ordering our delicious featured dish. For more information visit

"Hot Cakes" from Phoenix New Times

"Little things made the experience better than average. On the coffee front, Butterfield's served an extra-strong Boyd's brew, accompanied by tiny pitchers of fresh cream so thick and velvety that I wanted to drink it straight... And the freshly squeezed OJ was delicious..."

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"Best Breakfast All Day 2007" from Phoenix New Times

"On days when we're too spent to wake up before noon, and only a good omelet will do, you know where to find us."

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"Inside Scottsdale: Butterfield's Pancake House & Restuarant" from

"The orange juice is squeezed fresh non-stop right in front of your eyes."

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"Like Butta, Baby" from The Scottsdale Times

"When Butterfield's puts the word "large" on a menu item, what they really mean is that a small team of furniture movers will deliver it to your table. With the help of Junior (who devoured the Avocado & Bacon Omelette), I only consumed about one-third of the Large Apple Pancake. I continued to tell myself the darn thing must be healthy; it does have apples in it..."

"I must confess that the Midwest has delivered a real popper on this one. I for one will be revisiting Butterfield's time and again. If you like a warm family environment, unbeatable food and monster portions, I recommend you try it too..."

"Pancake Paradise" from The Arizona Republic

On our orange juice: "No, not the pasteurized, not-from-concentrate stuff that too many restaurants try to pawn off as "fresh." We're talking oranges squeezed to order. I had almost forgotten just how refreshing real orange juice can taste..."

"Two wonderful oven-baked pancake specialties keep its reputation safe. One is the German pancake ($7.75). It's delicious, fluffy, light and eggy, spritzed with lemon (I squeezed on even more) and dusted with powdered sugar..."

"The giant apple pancake is ... luscious, caramelized apples in moist pancake batter, drizzled with caramel sauce..."

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